Wine Society

We could not produce these incredible wines without you…

At Sutcliffe Vineyards, our paramount priority is building lifelong friendships with those Adorable, Charming and Amusing lovers of wine who appreciate the world class wines borne of these red-rock canyons, blistering summers and bitter winter storms. We cherish this relationship—and we could not produce these incredible wines without you.

Become a member today to join us in this noble endeavor!


3 Bottles per Quarterly Shipment
  • 3 bottles per quarter
  • Flat rate: $75 (before shipping or tax)
  • Savings for shipments: 22%
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6 Bottles per quarterly shipment
  • 6 bottles per quarter
  • Flat rate: $140 (before shipping or tax)
  • Savings for shipments: 27%
Become Charming

Shipments. Your shipment goes out via UPS Ground as soon as you are billed. We schedule our shipments throughout the cooler part of the year, between October and May. Your shipment requires a signature by a person of 21 years or older, so please make accommodations to meet its arrival. (Many members deliver to their work address).

Pick-ups. Join us at our Pickup Party to not only pick up your shipment but meet other Wine Society members and enjoy wine and food. Bring your friends! Your guests are more than welcome–and you receive a complimentary bottle when your friends sign up for Wine Society! If you can’t make it, no worries, your shipment will be available to pick up at the farm at your convenience.

20% Discount. Our members receive a 20% discount on all purchases from Sutcliffe Vineyards tasting room—for as long as you are a member.

Fixed pricing. There will be a fixed price for your membership, based on your 20% discount. These prices are in keeping with what members have come to expect for shipments, and are in fact slightly more savings on average, than previous shipments.

Exceptions. We will always make accommodations for your personal preferences, be they red or white wines, or any other modification to your shipment. Those changes will be priced accordingly and may alter your fixed pricing.

Shipping. Shipping rates to the Amusing and Charming memberships, but as an additional perk, we have extended free shipping to our Adorable members.

Library. We have socked away certain extraordinary wines over the years, in order to have the opportunity to appreciate them in their elegant maturity. We include one bottle from this selection with each Adorable member’s shipment. Library wines are obtainable to all members as available.


  • Complimentary tasting. For members plus three guests.
  • First access to new releases.