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This is the good stuff.

Wouldn’t you love to know that your wine is made in the timeless traditions of winemaking? From cultivating grapes using organic methods, to using the most gentle, respectful and sustainable practices in the winehouse, we ensure the highest quality wine goes in the bottle and nothing more. No unnecessary preservatives. No food coloring. No added sugar, acid or alcohol. Just wine. 

Real wine, made by hand.

If you seek out farm-to-table restaurants, love a local brewery, and crave something real amidst the generic, one-size-fits-all wines of the world, take a journey through our vineyard. If you prefer your wine is made from single vineyards, picked by hand, by real people working together, you will love these wines. We do business with friends, on a hand-shake basis, producing grapes with passion and care, in the traditions of the Old World. 

Simplify your wine life.

If you’re tired of hunting through cutesy labels and piles of dreck in your local liquor store, for GOOD wines, nothing beats a special delivery on your front doorstep! Have your wine delivered, shipping included, so you can focus on what’s important. Tasting, swirling, pairing with tonight’s recipe…

The best wines you’ve never heard of.

Do you prefer cartoons of animals on your labels? Us either. Are you looking for a wine experience to refresh and invigorate you, remind you why you like wine? Thank God, you’ve come to the right place. The best kept secret in the wine world is a lone winery in the middle of the Southwest, over-delivering value and brimming with passion. You won’t find wines of this quality at this price anywhere.

Welcome to your wine tribe.

Do you cherish the connection with real people and real places? Become part of a community dedicated to supporting wine done right. Our members make what we do possible. From the hand-shake business, to the farmhouse tasting room, generosity is a cornerstone of what we do–and you can taste it in the wine.

Meet your winemaker.

If you prefer your farmer’s market to the supermarket, if you prefer the shop around the corner to the box store, if you’d like to know the guy growing your food, brewing your beer or making your wine–this is Joe! He’s your winemaker.

Meet the rest of the team here.